Beef stock with sliced pancakes 4,60
Beef stock with liver dumpling 4,60
Beef stock with egg 4,60
Goulash soup 5,80

Dishes made to order

Viennese deep fried breaded pork cutlet with mixed salad 15,60
Grilled pork cutlet with gravy and rice 15,60
Grilled pork cutlet with a creamy mushroom sauce and rice 15,80
Egg fried pork cutlet with mixed salad 15,80
Onion roasted beef with fried potatoes 19,90
Roasted beef with bell pepper, tomato, onion sauce and fried potatoes 19,90
Pork chop with bell pepper, tomato, onion sauce and french fries 15,60
Pork chop with a garlic sauce and fried potatoes 15,60
Deep fried breaded liver with potato salad 12,20
Sliced fried liver with onions and boiled potatoes 11,80
Homemade sausages with roasted potatoes and sauerkraut 12,40
Deep fried breaded chicken breast with mixed salad 15,80
Grilled chicken breast with gravy and rice 15,80
Grilled sliced bread dumplings with egg and green salad 10,20
Deep fried breaded mushrooms with sauce tartare 10,60
Deep fried breaded emmental cheese with sauce tartare 11,20

Ready dishes

Roasted pork with gravy, bread dumpling and mixed salad 15,60
Boiled beef with vegetables and roasted potatoes 16,40
Beef goulash with boiled potatoes 13,20
Beef goulash with bread dumpling 13,60


Dumpling 3,40
Rice 3,40
Roasted potatoes 3,40
Fried potatoes 3,40
Boiled potatoes 3,40
French fries 3,40


Mixed salad 4,90
Potato salad 4,90
White cabbage salad 4,30
Green salad 4,30
Tomato salad 4,30
Cucumber salad 4,30
Potato salad with mayonnaise 5,30
Plate of mixed salad with ham and eggs 9,20

Sweet dishes

Pancakes with apricot jam 6,20
Pancakes with sweet curd 6,60
Chocolate souffle with chocolate sauce and whipped cream 6,20
Bread roll per piece 1,60
Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard 0,50

Price includes taxes and fees

About us

The Gasthaus Reinthaler has been a family business since 1977 and offers classic Viennese cuisine

Opening times

Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Holidays closed